What tokens will Toyo deploy?
We will have the governance token as well as the in-game token. Both of them are not deployed yet and we will announce when the time comes. Be aware of scammers.

When is the private IDO?
Private IDO planned to happen at the end of 2021.

Who’s participating in the private IDO?
Few groups of people including (but not limited to) partners, brand ambassadors and Toyo NFT holders.

How to become an NFT holder?
You just need to have at least 1 (one) Toyo NFT in your wallet. First NFT Drop is happening on October 18th.

Where to buy Toyo Token?
There are no Toyo tokens deployed yet. More information to be announced.


When will the NFT Drop be?
The first Toyo Genesis Collection will be available for minting on October 18th at 5pm (GMT+4). To mint your box you need to have Polygon RPC setup on your Metamask and have the equivalent of the box price + gas fee in Matic Token loaded in it.

Is there a whitelist for the NFT Drop?
There is no whitelist for the first NFT Drop.

When will the NFT Drop link be provided?
NFT Drop link will be unlocked on our website ( at October 18th 5pm (GMT+4). Just reload the page and the button will be active.

What is the total supply of the first NFT Drop?
There will be 3000 boxes in total on the first NFT Drop. 2600 Kytunt Seed Boxes and 600 Fortified Kytunt Seed Boxes.

What are the prices of the NFTs?In the first NFT Drop, there will be 2 options of boxes to mint (equivalent to ~$150 Kytunt Seed Box and ~$500 Fortified Kytunt Seed Box in Matic Tokens). Learn more about the differences in this link

What are the differences between the 2 boxes?
In short, the Fortified Kytunt Box gives you a better chance of getting rarer Toyos. For a more complete explanation, read this article

Which token will be used to mint the NFTs?
Matic Token on Polygon.

How much is the Polygon gas fee?
There is no definitive answer because the fees are calculated based on the traffic of the Blockchain. However,in our tests, the fee to mint an NFT was around 0.01 Matic (sometimes even lower).

How do I get Matic tokens on the Polygon Network?
First, setup Polygon RPC in your Metamask. Then, you can transfer Matic tokens either from Binance (select Polygon Network) or bridge the tokens using Polygon Bridge (

What comes in the boxes?
Inside each box there is 1 assembled Toyo. As a plus, the box will continue spawning items and other NFTs (in-game) from time to time, while the energy lasts: 1 month for the ~$150 boxes and 3 months for the ~$500 boxes.

Is there a chance to get multiple Seed Boxes?
Yes,there is. However, it is limited to mint one at a time.

Can I mint multiple Seed Boxes at the same time?
No. We have a limit of 1 Seed Box per transaction, with 1 minute cooldown between transactions. These mechanics were created to give the community a fair chance to participate.

Is the box an NFT that can be sold?
Yes, the box is also an NFT that can be sold.

Are only the first 3000 boxes part of The Genesis Collection?
Nope. We will have more Genesis Collections to come.

Does the first NFT Collection have more benefits than the other collections to come?
You will certainly have a better head start enhancing and making your Toyos stronger.

What are the differences between Genesis Toyos and average Toyos?
In the battlefield, Genesis Toyos’ body parts are neutral against any type of attack, so,there are not any super effective attacks against them.In Scavenger Missions, they have better chances of successful missions and bringing better body parts back.Genesis Toyos also have better stats at the start.

When will we be able to open the boxes?
We are working on the unboxing event to happen until the end of 2021.

Will the game be launched at the moment of NFT Drop?
The alpha is planned to launch during Q1/Q2 of 2022. Until then, we are going to launch the unboxing event (where you will see which Toyo is inside your box) and launch training modules to start enhancing Toyo’s stats.


How many Toyos do I need to start Playing?
Just one :)

Which Blockchain will Toyo run?
Polygon (previously Matic Network), an Ethereum compatible layer 2.

When will the alpha be launched?
Q1/Q2 2022

When will the play-to-earn start?
Q1/Q2 2022

Can I have multiple accounts?
We do not have a policy for that yet, but it can be implemented in the future. To avoid inconveniences, we suggest having a single account.

Will the game be available in android?
Toyo stage 1 and 2 are planned to run on browsers, so yes, it’s going to be available on Android.

Can we sell or exchange every part of the Toyo?
Yes! It will be possible when we launch the feature to customize/dismantle your Toyo.

Are the Technoalloys and all the other materials used to create body parts ERC20?
Nope. Our body parts will be ERC721 (NFTs). The Technoalloys are related to the gameplay and each of those has strengths and weaknesses against types of attacks. Learn more about Technoalloys in this

How does Toyo plan to burn tokens?
Some mechanics in the game require you to spend some of your in-game tokens, and those tokens will all be burned whenever you use them. Mechanics like (but not limited to) fixing your damaged Toyo, Scavenger Missions fee, tokens collected in Advanced PVP, crafting items and more.

Can I lose my Toyos forever during scavenger missions?
No! We want the Scavenger Missions to be fun for players. That’s why we brought more gaming mechanics to this. If your Toyo is captured during Scavenger Missions, you will be able to send other Toyos on a Rescue Mission. In case you don’t have more Toyos to send or your other Toyos are not strong enough, you can generate a Bounty Hunt mission for the community, then someone will Rescue your Toyo back.Keep in mind that your Toyo will only be captured if you send a weak Toyo to a dangerous location.

Will there be any kind of scholarship accounts?
Yes, there will be something like that fully integrated to our in game platform.

Who is the team working on Toyo?
The developer company is Lucid Dreams (, a Dubai-based company focused on story telling. A team of blockchain and game experts is being put together with the advisory of Dan Prints (former CPO @TappsGames). Meet the team in our whitepaper (


Are there any giveaways? How to participate?
Yes! Check infos in this

How can I verify myself on the server?
When a new member enters our discord server, you only can see the #verify channel. If you see all the other channels and do not see #verify, you verified already.

How to check if I am part of the first 250 believers (Early Believer Role)?
Click on your name on our server and check if you have the tag “Early Believer” next to “WH9 Human” ✌️.

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