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Xeon-1 collection.

Minting Steps

Step 1

Select Polygon/Matic Network in your Metamask, then click the "LOG IN WITH METAMASK" button.

Step 2

To enable the mint buttons, confirm that you are not a robot by clicking the reCAPTCHA checkbox.

Step 3

Select the quantity and click "MINT NOW" below the box you want to mint into your wallet. Limit of 9 boxes per transaction.

Xeon box.

Xeon-1 Box

- minted / - max supply

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~U$ -


Common Edition


Uncommon Edition


Rare Edition


Limited Edition


Collectors Edition


Prototype Edition


Xeon-1 / Pier-0 Toyos

Xeon toyo list.

Unboxing Event

Scientists and engineers have worked on this page as a portal that links our simulation (yes, we live in a simulation!) to the Toyo Parallel Metaverse. As of now, no one knows how to open the boxes yet, since they were sealed using an unknown technology.

We put a team of archaeologists, anthropologists, and IT nerds to figure out how to open those boxes and reveal which Toyo is inside each of these. Deadlines were given to the team and they confirmed it'll be in 2022, exact date TBA.

As soon as they figure it out, we will launch an Unboxing Event and you will finally get to meet your Toyo(s).

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